Doing the Right Thing at Woodland Creek

Once in a while something happens that get some special attention.  Sometimes its a bad thing, sometime its a good thing, and sometimes its the right thing.  At Woodland Creek my brother Warren and I set out to do the right thing.

We wanted to create a liveable community and well built homes that we would want to live in ourselves. We ignored the naysayers that suggested that you can’t build feature rich, energy efficient green homes in an affordable manner. We believed that the wonderful oceanside community of Sooke was the right place to do it. And we believed that people who value quality, energy conservation, and community would be attracted to Woodland Creek. We are happy that we stuck with our values and did the right thing.

Our goal was then and remains today, to build quality homes and neighbourhoods that offer superior long term value to the homeowner. By long term value we mean that over time the craftmanship and features in the homes continue to retain and add value to the homes. Professional home and interior design translates into great home plans with pleasing interior and exterior design schemes. With our Built Green certified building partner Steve Smith of SC Smith Building Company, each home is built with care and an eye to detail.

We love what we do and we appreciate the positive comments we get as we walk through the neighbourhood. Everyday there are new challenges and opportunities to make a better community and better homes for our customers and we commit to meet them head on.  Thanks for your support.


Blair Robertson

Totangi Properties


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