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Crowned by MSN Money as Canada’s second most Expensive City to Buy a Home, Victoria’s average single-family dwelling sells for a whopping $524,258 – compare that to Sooke’s average of $395,120 and you can see why more and more people are cashing in their equity and heading from Victoria and other urban centres to Sooke.

Cash in your equity and head to Sooke for princely lifestyle.

Here at Woodland Creek, you can buy one of our, three-bedroom, three bathroom homes for just $379,900 – about the same price as a one-bedroom condo in downtown Victoria. But maybe condo-life doesn’t sound so bad to you: less square-footage to clean, located in walking distance to downtown attractions and eateries and no lawn to mow. Before taking the leap, consider these top three complaints I hear again and again about downsizing to a condo:

 Strata Fees – Oliver Katz of DFH Realty says that one of the biggest challenges of going from owning a single-family property to a condo is adjusting to the world of strata councils and fees. Not only do you have to pay steep monthly payments to receive the same privileges you enjoyed as a homeowner, but also decisions about how you live are no longer within your control. Found a beautiful curtain fabric that’ll look perfect in your place? Sorry, only white window coverings are permitted. Want a canine companion to keep you company? Your search might be limited to pooches 15 pounds or less. (And if it’s a barker, expect noise complaints and maybe even strata fines – yikes!) If you want to speak to Oliver and chat in greater detail about strata-shock, call 250-642-6480 or email .

 Relearning Daily Routines – As a homeowner, there are numerous little things you take for granted – and once you move to a condo, many of your daily routines go out the window. Suddenly you’re wistful about the days when you could just drive up to your front door and unload groceries, avoiding elevator rides and long treks down building corridors. Oh, and remember the time when you could have guests over and they could park in front of your home, avoiding those pesky downtown street parking fees and the risk of tow-away if the dinner party goes a bit longer than expected? Sigh.

 Lack of Space – According to Oliver Katz of DFH Realty, downsizing from a 2,400-square-foot home to a 900-square-foot apartment is simply too big of a leap for most people. While the extra space might be perceived as neither wanted nor needed, Katz says most people still desire sufficient space for their hobbies, home offices and the occasional visit from the grandkids. Not to mention a spot to stow the vacuum cleaner away from view.

It can be a wise financial decision to sell a larger house and relocate to a small community according to a recent MoneySense article, noting the average Canadian home has doubled in value since 2001.

And with a move to our Woodland Creek development, you’re also winning in terms of extra square footage and price. Since our homes are brand new and built with awesome, eco-friendly features (we are the first housing development in Sooke to offer homes with geo-exchange heating, cooling and hot water), you don’t have to invest a dime in upgrading your home prior to move-in and you are protected by a full new home warranty.

Just think: no more Saturdays spent repairing the deck, fixing broken screens or touching up chipped paint. All you have to do is grab a glass of wine, head to your patio and put up your feet.

Now this is what retirement is really all about!

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Totangi Properties is the developer of the Sooke, BC Real Estate development, Woodland Creek – an award winning community of affordable, new homes for sale that use geo-thermal heating and air conditioning and are Built Green certified. Follow us on twitter at @woodland_creek and facebook at

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  1. Having read your “knock” on condos I must say that I think that you have missed the point entirely. I have lived in several condos over the years and find them to be like most neighbourhoods. Good/bad. Each to their own.

    I like that fact that the size of my condo is smaller than my house. Less space to maintain is an advantage not a disadvantage. The “high” strata fees that you refer to are gladly paid as I am no longer alone in paying for maintenance and up keep (haven’t owned a lawnmower, paintbrush, garden hose etc etc for years!). Not only do I share the costs but I don’t have to do the work myself. I can look out the window and watch someone else labour away. This leaves me much more time to travel, volunteer, work, etc etc.. Combine this with the fact that condo rules stop people from doing the craziest things (paint their house neon blue. storing old cars and boats in the driveway, and the like and you have a much better neighbourhood in many cases.
    For me and more an more people there are many advantages to living in a condo over a single family home. I think that to use negative comparisons is a poor reflection on your development. You will attract those interested in your style of living without knocking the style of others. People are smart they will figure it out.

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