Geo-exchange systems shine when the mercury plunges and save you $$s too.

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The very cool (or should I say warm) fact about the temperature of the ground just a few feet under us is that it stays a fairly constant 10 degrees Celsius.  So when the air temperature plunges to below freezing, the geo-exchange heat pump systems in our homes at Woodland Creek, just keep plugging away drawing out the solar energy stored in the ground and delivering into our homes at very little cost.

When compared to an equivalent home with electric baseboard heat and electric hot water, energy consumption of a ‘geo’ home during the cooler months of the year (October – March) is cut in half.

What does this translate into in terms of cost savings?  Kyle and Maaike McCooey and their family, homeowners at Woodland Creek, love their geo-exchange heating and cooling.  They live in the 1,950 square foot Fir plan and report that on average their electricity bill is only $70 per month (about 900 kilowatts per month).

Wendy Smith, a Certified Energy Advisor with Victoria based Performance Energy Advisors, completes the energy modeling for Woodland Creek homes.  Her analysis for our Arbutus Plan, a 1770 square foot home, tells us that annual energy consumption is reduced by over 11,000 kilowatts, a savings of approximately $1075 per year (about $3 per day). So not only can you feel really good about reducing your carbon footprint by about 7.5 tonnes per year, but your can also reduce the impact on your wallet too.

Overtime, as electricity costs increase a 25% over the next 5 years, so will your savings with a geothermal system. We think that is a really smart investment in your home, health, and environment.


About Totangi Properties Ltd. and Woodland Creek

Totangi Properties is a locally-owned and operated award winning property development, home building, and land management company established in 1968. Brothers Warren and Blair Robertson and their team work closely with the 2012 Built Green Builder of the Year, SC Smith Building Company, and are committed to creating affordable, high-quality residential properties and developments with lasting homeowner value.

2012 Gold CARE Award winner for Best New Subdivision, Woodland Creek is a residential neighbourhood of new homes in the heart of Sooke, British Columbia – a waterfront community near Victoria BC.  A planned residential community, Woodland Creek was designed with the objective of providing a wide range of new housing opportunities for the community; close to schools, parks and the Sooke shopping and service core with the fundamental commitments of quality construction, lasting value and the long term commitment of an established local developer.

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2 Responses to “Geo-exchange systems shine when the mercury plunges and save you $$s too.”
  1. Hello Blair;
    What is the additional capital cost of the geo-thermal system for your Arbutus Plan home over the all electric baseboard example?
    ‘Gary Smirfitt

    PS Merry Christmas

  2. Hi Gary,

    Nice to hear from you.

    In our current phase, all homes and prices displayed include the geothermal system. The value of the system in the home is approximately $20,000 – this includes the ground loops, heat pump, deSuper heater add-on for hot water, ducting for forced air circulation, & programmable thermostat.

    In our next phase, we will not be offering geothermal so expect the home prices to be lower.

    All my best,

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